Glo Coalson is a Texas native who grew up in a western landscape of prickly pear, mesquite trees, and wind. After graduating from college, she spent two years in arctic Alaska drawing and painting Eskimo village life. While there, Glo collected several folk tales and became interested in making books for children. For the next ten years, she lived in New York City where she illustrated 35 children`s books. Glo now lives in Dallas, Texas, and pursues dual careers in sculpture and illustration.

In 2000 she signed on to do the artwork for the Alabama Center for Law & Civic Education`s Play by the Rules project. With the continuing success of Alabama`s Play by the Rules book, which teaches state law to juveniles, Alabama has launched their national program to expand this project to other states and territories.

"My goal is to create images which visually enhance the learning and remembering of these laws. It is vital that students know the laws that protect them, as well as the laws that hold them responsible as citizens."